Autism Awareness Day - importance of testing for Borrelia and TBD

The association between autism spectrum disorders and tick-borne infections

World Autism Day was brought to life in 2008 to raise awareness about people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Same year, Dr Bransfield and colleagues (10.1016/j.mehy.2007.09.006) published their paper on the association between autism spectrum disorders and tick-borne infections : “Chronic infectious diseases, including tick-borne infections such as Borrelia burgdorferi may have direct effects, promote other infections and create a weakened, sensitized and immunologically vulnerable state during fetal development and infancy leading to increased vulnerability for developing autism spectrumdisorders.


A dysfunctional synergism with other predisposing and contributing factors may contribute to autism spectrum disorders by provoking innate and adaptive immune reactions to cause and perpetuate effects in susceptible individuals that result in inflammation, molecular mimicry, kynurenine pathway changes, increased quinolinic acid and decreased serotonin, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and excitotoxicity that impair the development of the amygdala and other neural structures and neural networks resulting in a partial Kl├╝ver-Bucy Syndrome and other deficits resulting in autism spectrum disorders and/or exacerbating autism spectrum disorders from other causes throughout life.”

Recent research and number of medical reports suggest that ASD is a biomedical illness that requires and - in many cases can be effectively treated - with biomedical intervention and behavioral therapy. At R.E.D. Laboratories we have been developing and performing tests for multifactorial affections like autism for several years now (see We offer specialty tests and we focus on setting up tests that are not (or rarely) available elsewhere.

Our exclusive Phelix Phage Borrelia test is a unique way of detecting borrelia-related infections (see Phelix Phage Borrelia detection method (Patent WO2018083491A1) consists of targeting the presence of outnumbered prophages part of the bacteria lysogenic cycle. This very novel concept is that we are no longer looking for the bacteria but for its specific bacteriophage, which must find the bacteria to survive. This unique direct test is searching for B. burgdorferi sensu lato species and also for B. miyamotoi and B. relapsing fever species.

Last year after we published parents’ testimonials on the importance of testing for Borrelia in ASD, many other ASD patients were tested by Phelix Phage test.

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