SARS-CoV-2 testing at R.E.D. Laboratories

Dear Colleagues,

 As doctors and scientists you might be interested to read more aboutscientific and medical findings concerning Covid-19. Accordingly, please find enclosed a very large and exhaustive  literature overview.

R.E.D. Laboratories has been actively engaged in assessing the best testing solutions to provide to its customers, knowing that first-line testing by nucleic acid isolation and amplification is managed by University hospitals and their associated laboratories.

We propose to you 2 types of serology testing:

Please contact us at if you are interested in these tests. A specific request form is available on our website. The rapid test can be done on any type of blood sample, thus if you are already sending an EDTA or serum sample for any of our other tests, we can make use of the same sample. The ELISA test requires a serum sample. Please read more information about these tests.

Covid-19 Request form

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