Autism Awareness Day - importance of FRAT test

Red Labs shares insight on how Folate Receptor Antibodies impacts on Autism, the possible treatments and prevention.

Folinic acid improves verbal communication in children with autism andlanguage impairment: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial [RE Frye, J Slattery]download pdf

Folate Receptor Alpha Autoantibodies in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention [Natasha Bobrowski-Khoury, Vincent T. Ramaekers]download pdf

What is FRAT?

FRAT™(Folate Receptor Antibody Test) is a patented diagnostic blood testthat screens for antibodies to the Folate Receptor Alpha (FRa). FRAT™ isan important tool in assessing your child’s neurological health. It is asimple test with sophisticated results.

FOLATE RECEPTOR ANTIBODIES AND AUTISM: Learn why assessing the presence of folate receptor antibodies through FRAT™ is vital to optimal brain and neurological health. download pdf

How to get FRAT test

As from the April 1st 2022, all European customers can order the FRAT test through R.E.D. Laboratories. Please download the Request Form and read the instructions. For kits and information, please contact us at

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