Beware of Ticks

The spring is coming, and we will spend more time outside, hiking, walking, camping, pick-nicking, horse riding, playing... The ticks are widely present in the nature and can transmit many pathogens. In order to bring your attention to it and explain what to do in case of the tick bite, we made a simple and user-friendly brochure explaining:

  • The areas where the ticks can be found
  • How to protect yourself from the tick bite
  • What to do in case of tick bite 
  • The importance of choosing a good tick testing method
  • R.E.D. Laboratories results on testing ticks and Integrative approach in testing Human samples

Tick Awareness Brochure EN

Tick Awareness Brochure FR 

Tick Awareness Brochure NL

Tick Awareness Brochure DE

Tick Awareness Brochure PT

Tick Awareness Brochure ES

Tick Awareness Brochure SE

Tick Awareness Brochure PL 

Spread the word and prevent the disease. Pease feel free to post this brochure on your social media, your clubs, send it to your doctors, to anyone who might be exposed to the tick bites. Raising awareness is the best prevention.

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