A new Phage test: the one for Rickettsia!!!

We are happy to announce a new TBI test basedon specific phage detection. After Phelix Phage Borrelia, we are now able touncover Rickettsia infections by the same type of method, which allows amuch better sensitivity than LTT, antibody-based or traditionalPCRs assays.

The design was validated on Rickettsiapositive ticks and using characterized Rickettsia DNA. The results werecross-validated using Hybrispot PCR-dotblot method.

In addition, we performed spiking assay (i.e.known number of copies were spiked in blood and the test is used to check thesensitivity) that showed a very high sensitivity – up to 1 copy in 4ml of bloodwas successfully evidenced.

The test is able to detect a broad range of Rickettsias: Rickettsiajaponica (multiple strains); Rickettsia heilongjiangensis (multiplestrains); Rickettsia parkeri (multiple strains); Rickettsiaraoultii (multiple strains); Rickettsia rickettsia (multiplestrains); Rickettsia slovaca (multiple strains); Rickettsia montanensis;Rickettsia peacocki; Rickettsia africae; Rickettsia conorii.

You can order the test as a single test or as add-on to the Borrelia Phage test. The test is performed on Blood (EDTA blood, 2x4ml). As usual, we can ship the kits with return documents.

You can download here the request forms forEUROPE and US.

With best wishes and kind regards,

Labs Team, Phelix R&D and Leicester University Microbiology Lab

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