R.E.D. Laboratories special partner: Revive Clinic Algarve

We are happy to present you our new special partner: Revive Clinic Algarve (Portugal).

Revive Clinic (www.reviveclinicalgarve.com) is founded by patients to support fellow patients in their journey to recovery. Revive welcomes those who have seen their quality of life seriously diminished by chronic conditions caused by multi-system diseases such as chronic lyme, ME/CFS, Post COVID-19, auto-immune disease and fibromyalgia.

All of these conditions have similar underlying health problems and require a comprehensive approach to detox and revitalize your body. Revive Clinic helps its guests in their recovery process to get better, feel stronger and regain balance.
For more details, see enclosed brochure.

Specialty testing (like Phelix Phage tests) is the very first step for uncovering the roots of these underlying health problems. We are happy to join our forces with Revive Clinic in order to improve the recovery process of patients with complex clinical pictures.

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