RED Laboratories is celebrating 25 years this February!

It’s our 25th business’ anniversary this month! We appreciate all your support since day one. We are truly grateful to you for choosing R.E.D. Laboratories services and giving us the opportunity to grow.

R.E.D. Laboratories are not just any medical laboratory, they are your partner of choice for tailored diagnostics of patients with multifactorial dysfunctions. We aim to develop close interactions with collaborating physicians in order to take the best testing options while focusing on integrative scientific approach. We at R.E.D. Laboratories are all dedicated to our mission, our small size offers a great flexibility and tailored solutions for each customer.

Removing the doubt is a part of the cure. Our missions are all about spreading knowledge, raising awareness, sharing expertise and providing reliable medical analyses for multifactorial dysfunctions that are rarely or not available elsewhere..

It is important to emphasize that more and more evidence points towards a combination of factors (genetic, infectious, environmental, etc.) being important in the development of chronic immune dysfunctions, the cardinal finding in autistic, chronically infected and CFS patients. In many countries these dysfunctions are still considered as purely psychiatric despite clear biomedical evidence. For stimulating clinical research and offering better management of these multifactorial dysfunctions, suffering from lack of medical recognition, we offer SPECIALTY TESTS. It is our goal to provide physicians the necessary tools to diagnose and treat patients with complex chronic dysfunctions. We accomplish this through the personalization of our testing panels, which allow the clinician to be more efficient and precise in the diagnosis and management of patients with complex clinical presentations.

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