The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit begins

A special invite from Dr Darin Ingels.

"Tomorrow, the Healing from Lyme Disease Summit begins.  I am hosting this event with my good friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Moorcroft.This is very personal to me. I was 2 weeks away from opening my first private naturopathic practice in Connecticut when I got Lyme disease.I was treated with antibiotics and felt better in 4 days, but eight months later, I relapsed and spent the next 3 years getting my health back and finally got to a place of being completely symptom-free.And with 465,000 new cases diagnosed each year - and who knows how many misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, this is a brutal epidemic.

Dr. Moorcroft and I have both “walked the walk” – overcoming Lyme disease with approaches not learned in your conventional doctor's office.

My goal for you for this summit is to learn as much as you can so you can choose a hopeful future - with new protocols that can help you heal for good.

To your health,

Dr. Darin Ingels

P.S. After 24 years and thousands of Lyme patients later. I've had the opportunity to see how the approaches discussed in this summit really help people get over the hump. I appreciate your time and thank you if you can share the link to this event with your own friends, family and followers."

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